4GB in the area of a dime!

STACKED is the leader in applying innovative heterogeneous 2.5 and 3D stacking technologies including die stacking, package on package stacking, and silicon on silicon stacking to provide levels of electronic integration “beyond Moore’s Law”. Artfully applied combinations of these capabilities, used as most appropriate, offer the path to maintaining the pace of progress as we approach the end of lithographic scaling.

Our highly integrated, high performance memory modules (HiMODs) offer up to 90% reduction in memory systems for server, networking, mobile, and embedded applications. Coming soon, our SSD on a chip (SSDoC) will offer similar advantages for mass storage.

STACKED partners with leading suppliers to offer leadership performance today and a long term assurance of continued leadership. Exceptional product quality and reliability are bred into our organization as a result of years of serving leading industrial equipment and aerospace manufacturers. The common sense value proposition for STACKED products compared to bleeding edge capital intensive 3D approaches makes STACKED your compelling choice.